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Minibus rental Dubai

Minibus for rent in Dubai

If you are looking for a larger vehicle bigger than a car then we recommend our 8 or 9 seater minibusses. Or if you feel you do not need something as big, you can choose our 10 or 12 seater people carrier. The best option is the 10 seater or the 14 seater tourist van. We have the 22 seaters, 26 seater passengers vans that we can use in School transport also. Minibus for rent in Dubai is offering special rates. Minibus for rent in Dubai provides you buses from the range of 7 seaters up to 26 seats.

If what you need is space rather than seats to carry more luggage, objects of cargo, on our Arooj Bus rental company in Dubai you can also find a selection of minivans which may better fit your requirements.

Whatever your requirements, aroojbusrental.com  will always be able to offer you the best selection of 8 or 9 seater people carriers to suit your needs. Minibus for rent in Dubai is handy for airport or hotel transfers. It can be easily used as School Bus Sharjah even in white color.

15 Seat Minivan Rent in Dubai & Sharjah – Rent Minibus in UAE

Are you looking for a 15 seat minivan hire in Dubai services or Hiace van 15 seaters rental Dubai / Sharjah services? indeed it will be yes, so you are in right place. We renting a 15 seater van with drivers on a daily basis which is an ideal choice for a group of 14 people maximum. A 15 Seat Minivan in Dubai is very popular and is mostly used for guest transport in UAE.


The 15 seat van with rear 4 seats can be easily folded which is the best option in these kinds of minivans to accommodate baggage which makes it the best vehicle for a family who needs to transfer from Dubai airport to hotel or shopping transport. The 15 seat minivan hire in Dubai – Hiace van 15 seaters rental Dubai and Sharjah is the most convenient choice and is a great alternative to renting a big bus.


Why do we recommend a 15 seat minivan hire in Dubai – Hiace van 15 seater rental Dubai or in Sharjah from us? Instead of trying to coordinate different carpool services; why don’t you save your time, resources, and gas money by putting everyone together in one clean and comfortable private van. You’ll find each passenger has much more legroom in 15 seat minibus and it’s specifically designed for large parties and family transport.


15 Seats Minivan or Minibus rentals with drivers in Dubai become increasingly popular as a practical and economic way of transporting a larger group of people and their luggage or transporting families or visitors in UAE.  Hire a multi-purpose vehicle High roof Van or Hiace Minivan in Dubai, Sharjah, and allow all passengers whether you are family, friends, or business people to travel in safety and comfort.


If you are looking for a 15 passenger van in Dubai or Sharjah for Dubai City Tour, Abu Dhabi Tour, Picnic Transport, Events Transfer, Wedding transport, or family transport then Arooj Al Madina Bus Rental company in Dubai & Passenger Transport & Bus rental services is the best place to get your required vehicle hire with drivers on a daily or weekly basis in few minutes.

15 Seats Minivan Hire in Dubai – Hiace Van 15 Seater Rental Dubai and Sharjah

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