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Bus rental in Dubai with Driver

Bus Rental in Dubai with a driver

Our outstanding bus rental fleets in Dubai - a Dubai rental bus with cars from some of the best car brands in the world. That means you're not only riding first-class fancy buses, but you're also sure you're safe.
Arooj Bus Rental Passengers Transport and Bus Rental LLC are equipped with a wide range of modern and new vehicles that lead us to the best transport service provider in the United Arab Emirates.

What Do We
rental of buses and trucks for mass passenger transport, guest transport, family transport, visitor transport, transportation of events, transport tours in Dubai city, tourist transport in Abu Dhabi, a tour of Sharjah city, tourist transport, transport from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, hotel transport, airport transport, and picnic transport, and rental of private and minivan buses in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.
I'm booking a bus in Dubai now with a limited budget from us and enjoying the experience of a luxurious and safe journey with family and friends.
Using our large transportation industry network and expertise, we offer our customers an unmatched ground-level transportation solution across the UAE.
We have transportation solutions for all your transport needs in the UAE.
We offer the option of 7 Brevia Minivan seats, 12 seats, 30 seats, 34 Rosa buses, 33 seats, 35 seats and luxury buses, and 50 luxury bus seats.

Our Legends
• 7 seats van or car seats
• 12 seats
• 14 or 15 fancy high-roof seats or mini-packs
• Toyota Coaster 3000 seats
• 34 Mitsubishi Rosa Rosa basses
• 35 luxury tour buses
• 50 luxury tour buses in the city
• Chartered buses
• Coach buses
• Rental of Dubai Bus
• A bus for rent in Dubai

If you can't figure out which bus or car is your best suit? Please WhatsApp + 971552595321 and we will be very happy to help you decide in the best and most economical way!
Below, we have selected a selection of our few fleets of Van, Mini Van, buses, and buses available with drivers on a daily and weekly rent basis in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi UAE.

Contact us and we will offer you distinguished services! Our flexible terms of rental for minibuses mean we always strive to please our customers. Join Arooj Bus Rental leasing bus services in Dubai for the best transportation services. We have the best bus rental offers available. As one of the best-registered bus rental companies in Dubai, we maintain a wide range of fleets such as 50-seat luxury buses, 35 luxury buses, 34 Rosa and Coaster 30 seats, 30 Coaster seats, 25 bus seats, 14 high-seat small bus ceilings, 12 Heiss Mini Van seats, 10 seats, 7-seat cars. Our luxury fleets are SUVs and Toyota sedans 5 to 7 seats, Toyota Hayes. (12-15 seats), Toyota Coaster (30 seats) Mitsubishi Rosa (34 seats), Kinglong Fancy Bus (35 to 50 seats), Ashok Leland (67 seats) AC Ashok Leland (84 seats) Bus tow truck without air conditioning/recovery truck, delivery truck (1 ton-3 ton) hoodie truck (3 ton). We offer the best bus rental rates and the best quality services in Dubai. Passenger rental of a Dubai bus, bus hire in Dubai, bus hire with a driver and no driver is the most reasonable and famous bus rental company in Dubai.


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                              Hiring Сhаuffeur Driven Rent а Bus Rental Trаnsроrt Соmраny

                              Arooj Bus Rental Dubаi Rentаl Vehiсle Dubаi is the best орtiоn fоr рeорle whо wаnt tо enjоy the соnvenienсe оf а сhаuffeur driven Rent а bus in Dubаi, MS Раssengers Buses rentаls trаnsроrt is the Tор Grоwing trаnsроrtаtiоn рrоvid in the Dubаi UАE. It is highly trusted fоr its staff transposition serviсes, sаfety with саre аnd trаvel rаtes for staff transportation service.